Week 3 Recap @ Launch House 🚀

3 min readJun 2, 2021


VR and AR are the Future — this is me

Hey — it’s Elijah. Yup, that’s right — the other part of the team. I’ve been busy with some crazy sprints this past couple of weeks, so that’s why I haven’t had the time to write. Well, that and I’m actually not that good at it. What you’re reading right now was tuned by Tony 🙄 — I know. So, this week has been a lot more freedom for me. To be completely frank — I don’t feel like reinventing the wheel, and so we’ll do Tony’s framework minus the deep analysis of each day. I forgot some parts of the week because we’re planning for a huge Week 4 sprint, which is basically our MVP launch to our 10 creators on our beta.


  • Great product feedback, especially around positioning and fundraising, well co-founder says so.
  • After the hairy situation last week, the community was coming back together — candid feedback and reflection seem to be the best way to achieve progress and growth.
  • Planned out the MVP launch — 80% finished. I’m currently working out some things. The 20% is the styling part since we’re not designers.
  • Bonding with our community


  • Still, no luck finding a designer — it’s starting to stress both of us A LOT more. This is the one thing that we know we can’t do. This begs the question — raise to hire?
  • I’m really not feeling corporate too much — my day job is really consuming my creativity. It’s taking a lot of my time and energy on a daily.
  • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs. Pinboard is looking more like a list.


We had a big community feedback session; the whole team spoke to the cohort, answered questions, and responded to feedback. Overall — people were a tad demoralized, and there were bad vibes up until that moment. It feels nice to be able to walk around and smile now.


I’ll be honest — Tuesday was a pretty rough day for me. I had a lot of corporate work, and it took up most of my day. When I say most, I mean it took me until 6 pm to move from my screen. With that said — it didn’t get any better; see, I get distracted pretty easily, so I got sucked into the events of tonight. So, overall, on the technical side, it wasn’t a good day. I will say I’ve been thinking a lot about the application architecture and how much of a pain/lift it will be to get this done. I’ve done this before for the last startup I worked for, Boonoob, built that out only for it to fail :/


Again consumed by corporate work. Found myself sleeping a lot throughout the day due to deficient energy. On the bright side, my room was empty a lot, so I had the chance to have some privacy finally. The privacy enabled me to get a lot more Diffusion dev work done. Oh yeah, we also completed four customer interviews.


Thursday was a much-needed bounce-back day. Not only did I get work done, but I had a great day hanging out with the house. I starred in a viral TikTok by Anna (@blueberryjuice2), enjoyed lovely homemade Indian food all made by Kanika, and was serenaded by beautiful piano playing and singing by Brett next to the fireplace.


Today was all logistics — picking up some meds, meetings, work, personal stuff. Then at night, we had fun!

Next week will be fun. I think we can launch in time and strength.




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