Six Tips to Get Started on Content Creation

3 min readJul 7, 2021


Since we’re in the Creator Economy, people assume we know how to make content. Tony knows how to write! Elijah has tried Tik-Tok and Youtube, and oh man… it’s been tough. Luckily, after spending some time @launch_house in Beverly Hills, we’ve learned a thing or two. Tony started posting Tik-Toks and they’re working on a podcast [ finding their niche on racket]. We wanted to put together an easy how-to guide from the lessons learned at Launch House. Check it out below.

  1. Let down your guard. As a content creator — you have something that makes you unique, engaging, and valuable. Don’t say — ‘I don’t have anything interesting to share. You most certainly do — your followers think so too.
  2. Find your niche. For some- this may be like your hobbies or interests. For others- it may be something you’ve studied, gained real-life experience through work, or lived. It’s the one thing separating you from other creators but bringing you closer to your fans. [Formula: Unique Perspective x Knowledge = Niche]
  3. Choose your format. Camera Shy? Does writing remind you of school? Fortunately, there is more than one way you can create. Start by taking an idea you adore from a creator and curate it (remix). You could either switch its original medium or on the one you’re familiar with.
  4. Find your voice. Are you a natural storyteller? Is Data your bestie when making points? Or humor? The more at-bats (sports reference, i.e., tries) you take with creating, the easier it becomes to build however you like. It’s most essential to let your personality shine through.
  5. Do your research. Get to know who follows you, i.e., your audience.
  • What questions are you asking you?
  • What unique Perspective can you add that hasn’t been shared yet in a niche?
  • What do the people who interact with your profiles enjoy?
  • Any pressing questions you can provide answers to?
  • Read good blogs and books. Surround yourself with creativity and unique perspectives on Youtube, Twitch, IRL. This is the research you can put in to create high-quality content.

6. Build and share away! Your audience and your niche definitely hang out in different corners of the web. By creating — you can curate your own corner for them. [ ie: community]. Share your content via email, social networks, text, etc. As a creator — there’s a community waiting for you. You can earn from your Perspective. Build, build, build, and ship as much content as you can.

Interact with other accounts who have large followings and offer something of value each time. Respond to audience members to develop an emotional connection. This should help you. The next lock to unlock is how you drive engagement and likes — some people say it’s virality, or some say it’s sweaty work. Find out what we think. 😉




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